Let's imagine the world that has no publishers, printing houses and book shops. There is no book distribution. There are only authors and readers left.


– Oh no, how could I find the continuation of my favorite story?
– Where to should I put my books when there is not enough place in my table?
we'll do everything on our own

If you play as an author

you will need:
  • • a computer and a printer
  • • a paper knife, a steel ruler and a cutting mat
reader’s tasks:
  • • choose a book (or a calendar) among the items on the main page
  • • download a print-ready PDF file
  • • print, cut and bind it into a book
  • • send a honorarium to the author of the book
  • • start reading and observing the images

If you play as an author

you will need:
  • • a computer and a scanner
  • • Photoshop and Indesign
author’s tasks:
  • • come up with a story idea and draw it
  • • fit the story into 12 pages
  • • post the print-ready pdf files on Samotok
  • • share the news about the book with friends
  • • receive author’s reward and start another story

Calendar 2017#3 “Imaginary friends”It's only make believe and everything is real.

— Какой твой любимый цвет?
— Are we only make-believe?
— Of course!
— Then let’s eat some ice-cream.
This calendar is a collection of stories about Zoe’s friends the rabbit and the cat.
by Zoe Donets
Calendar is under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license, nevertheless the game rules assume that small author's honorarium is to be paid. It can be done with Yandex-money or Paypal
To make the calendar you will need the following items:
• Printer
• 13 A4 paper sheets
• A hole puncher and a rope
12.18.2016 designed by Zilasaule.Ilya Donets